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Designing for the masses. DIY Projects and Video Resources for Loving the Space your in.

Color Me Awesome

The easiest and most affordable way to c change the look of any room is by adding color. Accent walls or accent touches of color are the catalyst that ignite the excitement of your room. Learn the tips and bust-knows for choosing accent colors.

Watch and Learn

Extensive research library of projects and designs that you can learn at your own pace. Study the techniques of renown designers and DIY gurus. Shop hi-low designs and get the look you want.

Design Ideas

Not sure what your style is? Check out our style gallery and confirm your style or look for a new style. Don't need a complete style - just a room - we've got you covered.

Resource Library and How to Videos

Video Showcase and easy to follow DIY Projects on any budget. Apartments to your prospective clients, Ideas they will love.

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Albert Jacobs
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Tonya Garcia
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